Sunday, 20 November 2011

Learning by Clicking

You may wonder how this website work.
Well, you can try it out. Just click on the link above.

This tool is actually designed for Spanish students learning English. That's why the levels of the activity is classified based on Spanish education system.

Basically, this website is aimed to let students have fun while they learn.

I would recommend this on account of:

1) This tool is actually interesting and quite helpful.

2) It is a good practice for beginner and intermediate students.

3) It is free!

4) Printable version is provided. Teachers can print it out.

5) Combination of visual + audio + written explanation.

However, there're several things I dislike about this tool.

Taking example of one of the activity:
(1 BAT: grammar: Futures)

1) The topic is depressing. The effect of airplane crushed in the air is terrific.

2) Confusing. The pictures in this activity don't really represent the name. For example: sleeping bag in this picture don't look like sleeping bag.

3) Inflexible. You will stuck in one activity forever if you don't get the right answer.

For example in the activity above. You have to get the answer right before you can proceed to the next activity.

4) If you click on the 'back arrow' and click 'next arrow again', all the answers you've filled in are gone. You need to do it again.

That's all!
But I still believe this tool would be useful to the some extent.

Try it and see what'll you think of this tool....

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