Saturday, 19 November 2011

Distill a long Text

Reading a long text can be daunting , but it doesn't have to be. Knowing a few simple, statistically proven tools will help you understand the long and wordy text.

Here is the saviour tools that will help you:

Start with the simple step. Copy and paste the text in the space provided or just enter the URL of the web page where you find the text as shown below:

Then it will create this for you!

You can choose the colour, layout and font you like for your wordle.

Most importantly, you can print that out!

This tool work almost similar as Wordle. But this tool has extra features like images/videos, visual thesaurus and the text.

I don't really like the idea of images because I don't really think it will be a great help for students to understand the text.

The images and the text will work if you click on the words in the wordle. Then a lot of related pictures will appear from Google. Sometimes unrelated pictures will appear as well and that's the UGLY part of this tool.

But the idea of highlighting the words in the text by clicking in particular word in the wordle is absolutely brilliant. Students can see how frequent the words are used in the text and how it's used in a sentence.

Another cool thing about this tool is, the words in wordle can be sorted versatilely. You can sort the words from common to rare or vice versa and sort it alphabetically as well.

Why I think Wordle Logo and Wordsiftlogoare FABULOUS ???

1) Good pre-reading activity. Students can preview the text to build comprehension.

2) Help teachers to review the text to identify challenging words or concept.

3) Identify suitable images or videos to use in class.

4) Great tools for group activities and also can be used individually as literacy support.

You may wanna try this as well!

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