Monday, 14 November 2011

Connected classroom

Connected classroom builds lasting relationships between teacher and students in or outside the classroom. Most teachers in second language classroom find it hard to ensure that students are actually practicing the language even outside the classroom. The tendency of them to speak in their mother tongue is inevitable.

Thus, we need tools to make students practice the language beyond the classroom. And I would love to introduce this charmingly tool for language learning.
Check it out!

This would be a great help for teachers and also students.
They can practice the language by record their voice for their own presentation. The presentation can be made in many ways such as power point presentation, document, video or photo album. They can even produce a podcast.

This tool enable students to practice and speak the language while enhancing their grammar and vocabulary skills. And of course their presentation skills!

In English classroom, this tool might be suitable for all level of secondary school students. You can ask them create a simple presentation and record themselves. It is a very interactive homework for your students and at the same time get them do the speaking activity outside the classroom.

The activity can be as simple as it can be. For example, you can ask them to talk about themselves.

Something like this:

Try it out!

You may find it fascinating.

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