Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Be crazy with Zimmer Twins

Anyone fancy creating a movie?

You should try this!

Introducing Zimmer Twins.

You may act like a director and create your own movie. This tool allows you to create your own endings to one of the story starters. You may also create your stories from scratch.
So put on your director's hat and reveal your creativity.

How to use it in the classroom?

We can organise a small movie-making competition in the classroom. Ask students to work in pairs and let them compete. You may reward the best pair.

This is a great tool to practice communicative activity in the classroom.

Good things about ZimmerTwins:

1) It encourages students to talk and discuss with their partner

2) Encourage creativity.

3) The activity is fun and very engaging for young learners.

4) The combination of three main learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic (VAK)

5) Learn the sentence structure.


It's not-so-good because:

1) It has word limit for the conversation they can create

2) The movie cannot be shared with other people. Seems like we can only view our own movie.

3) The final product cannot be embedded. (That's why I cannnot share the movie I've made)

4) The 'post new comment' part seem to be useless if other people cannot view the movie and post the comments.

To sum up, I think this tool is an absolutely brilliant but the fact that it cannot be shared disappoint me.... =(

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