Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Writing while listening

Writing and Listening are fundamental skills that need to be focused on in language learning.

Here is an useful tool to get these two skills polished up:

There are so many topics and issues we can choose from this tool.

After we decide on the topic, we can begin by selecting the mode for this activity; Full Mode, Quick Mode, and Blank Mode. Every mode presents you a different principle.

But, you need to choose the level of the acticity, beforehand. If you use this tool with your students, you need to decide on the level which suits your students' level of English. The red arrow show you where you can find the levels by clicking on the 'Level' tab.

After I've chose the topic, I can start by listening to the audio provided and start to dictate it by type in the words on the space provided and click on the 'enter' tab on your keyboard. It will appear on the box above it:

If we opt to listen according to the track, then we can simply click on the 'track' and select.

If you can't get what the word is, simply play the audio again or click on the 'hint' tab below the box.

This tool would be suitable for all secondary school's students depends on the level of the article. That would be our' job to determine on what level our students are.

Pair work might be a great way to do it in the classroom. We can try it once in the class and ask them to do it again as homework with different topics or issues.

One thing about teaching, we always need to think of the advantages and disadvantages of the tool we want to use.

Let me list down the advantages and the disadvantages for us to consider.


1) It supports autonomous learning.
2) Suitable for all levels
3) Students are able to work on vocabulary
4) Can enhance listening skill
5) More exposure to the language
6) Students can evaluate themselves
7) Focus on multiple skills (listening, writing, spelling)
8) FUN and FREE!!!


1) The news or issues in this tool may come from unreliable sources
2) May not have the facilities and internet access.
3) Facebook advertisement on the right side can distract students' focus.

Now we know one more interesting tool to teaching. Why don't we make use of it creatively and wisely!

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