Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sing and Write

Do you think activities that involve singing are enjoyable?

I do!

One reason why I found them fun is because I love singing. Especially when I'm all alone.
I don't even care if I discovered that my singing pitch is consistently more off pitch on particular part in a song. Most importantly I can remember the lyrics. Sometimes you will find remembering the whole lyrics is useful and blissful especially when you are in shower listening to the mp3. Then, the catchy and favourite song of yours is played, you can sing the entire song without a word missed, until the whole world hears! That's a bliss~

However, memorizing the lyrics of a song isn't an easy task for most people. But with a little time and effort, you will come to know every word of the song. Whether you will be able to sing it is another story.

Memorising song can be very hard but all you need is practice, practice, practice and soon you will know every word to a song backward and forth. Therefore, I found Lyrics Training is very practical for me. It's kind a good practice not only to memorise a song but also in developing the language skills especially listening, writing and spelling.

There are so many songs we can choose from the list. As shown below, I randomly pick 'just the way you are' by Bruno Mars:

If we look at the Game Mode in the picture above (in the black circle), we can see that there are three levels of this activity that we can choose depends on our ability. There are Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.

For Beginner mode, 10% of the song is deleted and we need to complete it by listening and write in the space provided (as shown by the red error). The higher the level, the harder it get.

As for Expert mode, 100% of the lyric is deleted. In other words, we need to complete the whole song!

If you cannot catch up the lyrics or any particular word you can simply tab the backspace button on your keypad and it will play the line again.

It is quite interesting isn't it? You've the chance to have fun and also polish your language skills.

I might suggest this activity to my students in future. They will be very excited with this tool because it is very engaging for them. I've tried it so many times and believe me, it works! Once I start doing it, it will be hard to stop. Very engaging!

Most importantly, I learned a lot of new vocabulary only by listening to songs and my spelling is improve too. Thus, I am quite sure it will be an appropriate tool to be introduced to all level of secondary school's students.

This will be an alternative way to make your spelling session in the classroom variety. I might say it enlighten the mood!

This tool can be a very good practice for students as a homework. You may show them once in a classroom and practise it as a whole class. Then, they will start to sing together and complete the song. You may ask for a volunteer to type in the missing word in the screen. I can imagine it will be like a choir.

Nonetheless, there are pros and cons for every thing. There might be some downside of making this tool as an activity for students. Maybe I should try it first and see how it will turn out.

It is good to try. So, TRY IT OUT!

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