Thursday, 1 December 2011

Make a difference with mailVU


With this, you can send free video email to your friends, family, teachers or anyone for FREE!

This is website where you can easily learn to make a video. No complicated instructions or button. Just a click away and you're ready to make your own video.

In English language learning, fluency in spoken and written English is essential. It is also important for motivation. Therefore, speaking activity is necessary in language learning and choosing the right methods is crucial.

Usually speaking activity only can be done in the classroom. But now, not anymore!
Because I'm going to make use of this fantastic tool; mailVU.

How I want to use it?

Speaking activity

For example:

Students talk about the important years or dates in their life. First, you may wanna write the important years in your life and talk about it as an example. Then, ask students to make a timeline about the important event in their life and let them talk about it in pairs.

Other possible ideas:

- Talk about the object that's important to them. e.g. a ring.
- Cooking show.
- Talk about their special talent and they may teach others on how to do it. e.g. sewing, cross stitch, playing guitar.
- Act as a promoter and promote something. e.g. cosmetic product.

This activity can be done in the classroom and as a homework.

Here is where mailVU come to the rescue!
This tool contribute to the new idea for homework. Now speaking activity not only can be done in the classroom but also at home.

I'll ask my students to record themselves and talk about the particular topic that they already done with their friend in the class. Then ask them to send it to me via email.

Once I receive the mail, I'll just simply click on the link and watch the video. I'll listen to them speaking  and make some notes. Then I'll give them feedback using the video or maybe attachment by click on the Reply button.


1) Encourage students to speak the language. Not only during the classroom activity but also at home when they're doing their homework.

2) Connected classroom. Link the content they learn in the class with the homework. The interrelation of classroom activity and homework is important to enhance their understanding.

3) Make videos for free.

4) Personalising the topic in language learning to their interest.

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